Learn what sets Synthicide apart

The Game

 Synthicide brings the following to your game table:

  • A dark, hostile sci-fi setting where humans are worthless and money is everything
  • A galaxy of noir adventure and ​high technology
  • Debuts the ACTIONS Rule Codex (ARC), an attribute-based rule-set designed for imaginative role-play and​ full-throttle combat
  • Automated Game Master (GM) tools to quickly build NPCs, traps, and mission ideas​ – all on-demand​
  • A Plot Twist system​ with surprises for players and game masters alike
  • Optional rules to up the grittiness and depth of the game, including Faction Heat, Mental Trauma, and Shock Damage

Open-Ended Role Playing

All conflicts challenge one of your seven Attributes: Awareness, Combat, Toughness, Influence, Operation, Nerve, or Speed (A.C.T.I.O.N.S). Whenever you attempt something, roll 1d10 + Attribute. If you beat the difficulty set by the GM, you succeed.

Flexible Battles

Simple battle rules complement the Gain Advantage system to encourage combat roleplaying. Get creative to force enemy movement, ​bestow penalties, or ​rob foes of their ACTIONS​.


Resolve System

D​o you believe there's hope for the future​? ​Or are your expectations tainted with cynicism? ​​Use the Resolve system​ to reflect your​ character’s passion for life​, or the heart of darkness within.

Twist System

Are you running a fully improvised game, or want dramatic twists in a pre-planned adventure? The Twist System generates plot twists unknown to everyone - even the GM.​