Who are you in the Synthicide universe?


Synthicide is a class-less RPG, allowing you to pursue your favorite play style. Here are what define your character:


Everyone chooses one bioclass. This decides the level of cybernetic enhancement you have. Are you a skinbag, scraphead, hardshell, or a plugfiend? Just how “metal” are you?


The universe is your oyster. Your character may advance in Psychic Powers, Attack Skills, Tactical Maneuvers, and Knowledge Focuses. Specialize in one of these powers or none as a jack of all trades.



The aspect you choose decides which upgrades are easy to learn. Are you a ​scoundrel or a leader​? Anyone can learn to use a gun, but murder comes naturally to a thug.


The Prodigravus War left the galaxy a genetic mess. Were you born this way, or does your mutant heritage slowly reveal itself? Mutations affect all walks of life.